How to choose a real estate agent domain name?

Several factors play into the selection of a quality domain name. It should be as short as possible, easy to remember, and passes the "radio test". The vast majority of domain names on are geo-targeted. Domains of this nature contain a georgraphical keyword paired with a call-to-action. These types of domains are very memorable and clearly communicate your website's purpose. An additional benefit is the possibility of direct searches. A direct search is when a user enters the entire domain name into the address bar of their browser. The combination of words such as "buying" or "buy" or "selling" with the georgraphical location increase the likelyhood of a prospect going directly to your webiste.

How to register a domain name?

All domain names are registered through Godaddy. Godaddy is the largest domain name registrar in the world. They offer a great management feature which allows you to forward your domain name directly to your websites' hosting provider. If you need assistance pointing your domain to your website, please contact us directly.

How to get a domain name?

Domain names are becoming increasingly scarce. Many .com's are already taken by real estate agents or domain investors who purchase domains in efforts to sell them for a profit. is liquidating our entire portfolio at a massive discounted price. All the domains you'll find on this site can be purchased directly from

Where to buy domain names?

Godaddy is the easiest and safest place to buy a domain name. Every domain on this site is registered by Godaddy and can be purchased on their website.

Why are the real estate domain names on this website so cheap?

This website was created to offload all 700 plus domain names from our portfolio. At such a low price, they will not last long, so claim yours before someone else does.